How to sell on BUYMA

Who we are.

We are an e-commerce marketplace focued on luxury brands and international fashion brands.Personal shoppers, who are located in over 176 countries (as of April 2023), select and purchase the latest fashion products from overseas and deliver them to consumers.





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Difference between and BUYMA.US - Targeting customers in Japan. BUYMA.US - Targeting the customers in rest of the world. If you wish to sell your items to Japanese market, you need to register on

Why choose us?

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    Many customers are fashion lovers.

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    BUYMA is a Japanese e-commerce marketplace specializing in luxury goods with a higher average order value.

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    BUYMA regularly offers sales promotions such as coupons.

How BUYMA works

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Registration and listing fee


*No fixed monthly fee


Minimum 5.5%

of the total price of the products sold.

(TBD depending on the way of collaboration)

Contract term

No period of time

We are supporting the global business expansions to the Japanese market for international retails and brands.

We provide seller support in English and Korean for the international sellers to open their business on If you don't have any Japanese customer service on your end, we may be able to introduce the Japanese customer representatives or Sales partners (*B to B to C) with additional fees.

If you're interested in selling your items on, please contact us below.



Q.What is returning policy on BUYMA?
A.As a general rule, BUYMA does not allow returns or exchanges of items once purchased. However, when we receive inquiries from customers such as receiving different items or the product is damaged/there is a problem with quality, we will fully discuss the issue with the purchaser and If an item is determined to be insufficiently inspected, we will ask to return or exchange the item between the shop and the purchaser.
Q.How can we deliver to Japan?
A. The product will be sent directly from the seller to the purchaser.Therefore, the product is purchased as a personal import.You may choose to pay customs duties prepaid or at the buyer's expense.
Q.How is the sales amount deposited?
A. We will transfer the sales amount to your designated account (overseas accounts are accepted) and currency. After notification of the item's arrival made by the purchaser, a deposit ID will appear on the deposit list. After that, please apply for the transfer and the sales amount will be deposited into your designated account.
Q.How much is the fee?
A. There are no fixed fees for registration or listing. We charge minimum 5.5% for each transaction, and a 220-1,100 yen transfer fee for each transfer of payment.
Q.Do we need to establish a Japanese corporation?
A. No, you can register with a shop address and name of person in charge in your country.